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for life-savers

The new corhelp3r alerting system organises qualified first responder care in medical emergencies until Emergency Medical Services arrives. Depending on your preferred configuration, first aiders in your area are alerted either using the command centre software or manually via the web-based administrator function.

The dedicated corhelp3r app helps responders navigate directly to the incident site and provides initial details as well as the status and the location of the closest AED. A second resuscitation helper is first navigated to the AED and then automatically on to the incident site. The corhelp3r app can provide assistance with resuscitation and helps responders record particulars of the incident for easier handover to emergency services. All entered information updates automatically and transparently to the system, keeping all connected parties — responder, administrator and command centre alike — up to date on the incident status.

Feature Overview

corhelp3r Administration <br/>and evaluation

corhelp3r Administration
and evaluation

The Administrator section helps system administrators easily manage their pool of corhelp3rs based on area of speciality. Keep an overview of qualification levels among app users and organise courses and events. Completed missions can be evaluated easily.

Intelligent <br/>Alerting Logic

Alerting Logic

The corhelp3r system helps alert the right number of responders

  • Automated or manual alerting
  • Customisable responder radius and alerting parameters
  • Selection of responders based on qualification level
  • Delegates who moves immediately to site and who retrieves AED
  • Trans-regional alerts
Functions for <br/>first responders

Functions for
first responders

The corhelp3r app is quick and easy to set up and offers a variety of helpful functions for users:

  • Availability management
  • Alerting, including initial details, AED status and navigation
  • Support for resuscitation via app; optional phone connection to emergency doctor
  • Handover form to professional medical responders
  • Course and event information and industry news
  • Dedicated community and social media area
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Innovative alerting for first responders

The new corhelp3r international emergency app provides a simple and reliable way for alerting qualified specialists — meaning better emergency care from the start. The system features a number of forward-looking functions:

No entry barriers

First responders can familiarise themselves with system.

Sophisticated alerting logic

  • Defined alerting parameters in cases of cancellation or signal loss
  • Consideration of the power status of the smartphone or iPhone of potential aiders
  • Flexible allocation of first and second aiders in reanimation cases

Supra-regional alerting

First responders can be alerted within Germany or across Europe.

Management of Alerting types

  • Control centre triggered alerts or alerts triggered in the web frontend for administration by the client
  • Defined alerting radius
  • Appropriate qualifications of aiders
  • Number of aiders required

Status updates in real time

We want to support our First Responder. So they can send updates to the alerting system and responsible control centre to keep all participants informed about incident status in real time.

Transparency of user data

We want to give you the opportunity to have a look at past incidents in your area to promote best practices and streamlining of system.

Interface to the control centre

The direct connection to the control centre allows medical support via telephone whenever necessary.
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About us

P3 & corpuls: 3.200 persons, 100 locations developing solutions for emergency personnel in 60 countries — over 50 years of experience!

corhelp3r is a joint initiative of P3 telehealthcare and GS corpuls. Their app to drive the evolution of emergency medicine by putting smart alerting technology in the hands of first responders is a logic intersection between these two innovation leaders in the fields of telemedicine and medical engineering. P3, spun off from the Fraunhofer Institut over 20 years ago, has long been known as a visionary in the field of telephone medicine, not least through its successful telemetry service TELENOTARZT. GS corpuls has been on the international cutting edge of work in the fields of defibrillation, resuscitation and patient monitoring for over 30 years, with ground-breaking products that have set many benchmarks in the fields of medical technology. Their respective core competencies are now flowing into the corhelp3r system, offering the perfect symbiosis of logic, technology and communication. To help life-savers save more lives.

  • 200 employees
  • Active in over 60 countries
  • Company based in Kaufering, Germany
  • Innovative high-end devices for emergency and intensive medicine: Defibrillators, Patient monitoring systems, Chest compression devices, Telemedicine solution corpuls.web
  • Over 3.000 employees worldwide
  • 40 locations in 15 countries
  • P3 corporate group based in Aachen, Germany
  • P3 is known for top-quality development of operation of critical services (such as BOS Digital Radio)
  • P3 has been engaged for 10 years now in telemedicine for German emergency medical services

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